Peregian Family and Friends was founded by locals to champion projects that improve liveability for residents of the wider Peregian area. We are a grassroots community organisation formed in November 2017. Existing groups in Peregian Beach and Peregian Springs amalgamated in 2018 to form a stronger and more united cross-border organisation.

The Peregian area is highly popular for its lifestyle & beauty. Many of us are new to the area by choice. We aim to create opportunities for everyone to meet and connect.

We encourage anyone with a community conscience to get involved with our initiatives.

Some of our projects have included:

the re-establishment of the Peregian Beach Surf Life Saving Club,

►fundraising for projects that meet our goals – such as the rural fire service & Katie Rose Cottage Hospice.

►Petitioning Council & Government Departments for projects or change based on member feedback. eg a safe and functional bikeway to connect Peregian Springs and Peregian Breeze to Peregian Beach.

Please contact us for more or information or constructive comment.


Our Mission statement

To enhance the liveability of the wider Peregian communities through advocacy and support for activities that champion better social, economic and environmental outcomes.


All Peregian hubs are united through social activities, community-based organisations and physical infrastructure that prioritise the environment and encourage walking, bike riding and other modes of active transport.


  • Achieve and maintain a strong, positive working relationship with both Noosa and Sunshine Coast councils, the Queensland Government and like minded community groups.
  • Be progressive but scrutinise developments to ensure they adhere to the town planning schemes and are sympathetic to the character of the Peregian footprint.
  • Advocate with councils regarding the adequate provision of services and protection of community assets.
  • Engage closely with group members and the community through a range of written communication and open-access community events.
  • Promote and work to achieve an inclusive community for all Peregian residents.
  • Identify fundraising activities that would enhance community life and take action in accordance with membership approval.


Our values help guide everything we do as a group – from our strategic direction, to partnerships, communication, decision making and all other activities we undertake.
Peregian is a place where everyone with community-minded values should have equal access to clubs, groups, organisations and infrastructure – no matter a person’s age, background, heritage, or physical ability.
All our activities must be financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.
We engage with the community, group members, government, other organisations that share a similar vision and values, businesses and other stakeholders within the Sunshine Coast region.
Everything we do is done with integrity – from our planning to how we engage with others, to the execution of ideas.
We are a community organisation run by and run for the community. We act transparently to give community members faith in our integrity as a community group.
We are accountable to our members, the wider Peregian community and other local stakeholders.